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The medium-term inflation target, % (at the end of 2020) 4 - 6
Annual inflation rate, % (April 2020) 6.7
Base interest rate, % (06.04.2020) 9.50
Official refinancing rate, % (06.04.2020) 9.50
TONIA, % (06.05.2020) 8.16
International reserves - NBK, billion USD (01.05.2020) 30.6
Reserve Money, Tenge, billion (01.05.2020) 8 284.2
Money Supply, Tenge, billion (01.05.2020) 22 222.6
Correspondent account balances of banks with the NBRK in tenge, KZT mln. (04.06.2020) 283877.67

Official (market) Exchange Rates / 06.06.2020

USD 399.67   0.16
EUR 452.95   5.62
RUB 5.82   0.04

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gold / 05.06.2020

per1ggold 21 918,57  -35,53


Agency for regulation and development of the financial market of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been functioning since January 1, 2020. The new governmental body is the successor to the National Bank of Kazakhstan according to the transferred features and mandate. The official website of the Agency is accessible at
ATTENTION!!! 08.12.2019 from 15:00 pm till 19:00 pm on the Nur-Sultan-time site of the National Bank of Kazakhstan will not be available due maintenance works


The base rate remains unchanged at 9.5%


On maintaining the base rate at 12.0% and adapting the domestic marketto the new macroeconomic realities


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The Republic of Kazakhstan has a two-tier banking system. The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - the National Bank) is the central bank of Kazakhstan and presents the upper (first) tier of the banking system of Kazakhstan. All other banks present lower (second) tier of the banking system, excluding the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, that has peculiar legal status.

The National Bank represents, within the limits of its authority, the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the relationship with the central banks, with banks of other countries, in the international banks and other financial-credit organizations.

The National Bank should not be guided by the aim of gaining profit in performing its tasks.

The National Bank is the entity that reports to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but within the limits of authority granted by the legislation, is independent in its activity.

The National Bank coordinates its activity with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in its activity takes into consideration the economic policy of the Government  and facilitates its implementation, if doing so is not in conflict with the realization of its main functions and implementation of monetary policy.

The National Bank is a common centralized system with the vertical administrative scheme. The highest administrative authority of the National Bank is the Board, the authority of the executive management is the Board of Directors. 

The primary goal of the National Bank is to ensure the stability of prices in the Republic of Kazakhstan. To accomplish the main goal, the National Bank is assigned the following tasks:

development and implementation of the state’s monetary policy;

ensuring the functioning of payment systems; 

implementation of foreign exchange regulation and foreign exchange control;

promotion of the stability of financial system;

carrying out statistics activities in the area of monetary statistics and external sector statistics.

In accordance with the assigned tasks, the National Bank including its territorial branches exercises the functions as specified in the Statement laying down the National Bank’s operation, namely the Statement as approved by Kazakhstan Presidential Decree dated December 31, 2003, number 1271.

The structure of National Bank of Kazakhstan is:

The headquarter with 22 departments (one department is in Nur-Sultan), 2 independent divisions;

17 territorial branches and one branch in the city of Almaty: cash operations and valuables storage center.

3 organizations, accountable to the National Bank:

The Republican State Enterprise with the right of the economic activity "Kazakhstan Interbank Settlement Center of the National Bank of  Republic of Kazakhstan";

The Republican State Enterprise with the right of the economic activity "Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of  Republic of Kazakhstan";

The Republican State Enterprise with the right of the economic activity " The Banknote Factory of the National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan".

The National Bank is a shareholder of the joint-stock companies:

«Kazakhstan Deposits Insurance Fund»;

«Center of activities’ maintenance of the National Bank of Kazakhstan»;

«National Investment Corporation of National Bank of Kazakhstan»;

«The State Credit Bureau»;

«Central Securities Depository»;

«Training Center of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan»;

«The Bank Service Bureau of the National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan»;

«Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund»;

"Mortgage organization "Baspana".


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